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Frequently Asked Questions

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centres located in the energy body. Like wheels or vortices, their function determines how much prana (life force energy) enters through the energy body into the physical body.

The nature of the energy body is influenced by thoughts and emotions. For example, someone who is generally peaceful, with positive thoughts about their own self and others will typically have prana flowing freely through their body. In contrast, one who is holding on to negative thoughts/ feelings from the past, getting angry, mistreating others will have blocks in the form of dense energy, therefore restricting the flow of prana.

How does chakra scanning work?

Through a combination of intuition and crystals, the practitioner is able to 'read' the state of the chakras for the chosen subject. With deep knowledge of the energy centres and their relationshiop with the mind, an analysis is done to reveal deep insights into the person's life.

How can the chakras be scanned over the phone?

Through the subconscious mind we can connect with not only other minds but to past and parallel lives. There are references to this in many sources such as studies of hypnotherapy and the concept of oneness. In many works of non-dualism, it has been mentioned that we are actually all one 'being' under the illusion that we are separate. Ultimately, we go by experience which has shown its effectiveness through accurate readings.

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