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Breath Optimisation

Ancient breathing techniques that control and enhance your life force. Balance left and right brain activity for optimal focus and decision making.


Increase immunity.

Expand your awareness and take control of thoughts and emotions for mind mastery and mental health.

Classes ongoing.

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Self Acceptance Course

Expand your heart centre energy with guided meditations.

Exercises to help you go within and truly accept yourself as you are.

Recognise the reflections of yourself in your environment.

Learn how to discover your blind spots for total acceptance and optimal mental health.

Contact for next class.

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7 day program to activate the 7 major chakras one day at a time.

Ancient techniques such as breathing, sounds and mudras.

Visualisation with meditation.

Chakra Activation

Chat here or email to to sign up!

Classes ongoing.

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Level 1 and 2 in 2 days.

A fantastic method to raise your vibration by cleansing your mind and body through vital life forces.

Heal yourself and master distant healing from the comfort of your own home. A gentle method to optimise mental health.

Certified by ICRT

Chat here or email to to sign up!

Holy Fire Reiki

Find out more about the power of Reiki in this free introductory webinar.

Find out more about the benefits of optimal breathing in this free introductory webinar.

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