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Express Tune Up

30 mins / £15

Chakras are scanned to diagnose the state of mind and determine which thoughts and emotions need to be addressed. Guidance is then given on how to adjust thought patterns and beliefs for opening up to success and mental peace.  A new way of counselling for optimal mental health.

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Deep Healing

A deep dive through your subconscious mind to unravel layers of conditioning and beliefs.  Discover the root cause of multiple obstacles and behavioural patterns of life. Including follow ups from our life coach to help you optimise your mental health.

90 mins

/ £29

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The position of the planets and stars at the time and place of your birth can reveal insights on many aspects of your life. Everything from your karma, love life, education to profession.

For those who don't have accurate birth details, a horary method is used for answering specific questions.

Chart matching for long term commitments.

Timing. Planning to start something new? Find out the ideal day to maximise success.

Price varies

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1 hour  

/ £25

An energy analysis of your chosen relationship. Whether it is with a life partner, friend or business associate find out how you can establish harmonic alignment. Our relationships with others are a key element of mental health.

Relationship Reading
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