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Basic Chakra
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Basic Chakra Reading

Chakras are scanned to diagnose the state of mind and determine which thoughts and emotions need to be addressed. Guidance is then given on how to adjust thought patterns and beliefs for opening up to success and mental peace.  A new way of counselling for optimal mental health.

Also an effective 'tune up' to get back on track when you're feeling stressed out or anxious.

30 mins / 950 rs

Deep Healing
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Deep Healing - Advanced Chakra Reading

A deep dive through your subconscious mind to unravel layers of conditioning and beliefs.  Discover the root cause of multiple obstacles and behavioural patterns of life. Including follow ups from our life coach to help you optimise your mental health.

60 mins / 3,000 rs

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Jyotish - Vedic Astrology

Jyotish is astrology based on the Vedas as practised by Hindus since ancient times.

The position of the planets and stars at the time and place of your birth can reveal insights on many aspects of your life. Everything from your karma, love life, education to profession.

Chart Reading: 3,500 rs

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Ask a Question - Prashna Astrology

Prashna means question, also known as horary. Here, we look at the positions of the planets and stars at the time of the question to provide insights and guidance. Complete focus and energy is given to one question.

Also ideal for those who don't have accurate birth details for a natal chart analysis.

2,000 rs

Relationship Reading
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Numero Compatibility: 1,500 rs

Comprehensive Chart based Compatibility: 3,500 rs

An energy analysis of your chosen relationship. Whether it is with a life partner, friend or business associate find out how you can establish harmonic alignment. Our relationships with others are a key element of mental health.

Relationship Compatibility
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Fire Reiki

30 mins: 1,500

Crystal Fire Reiki

30 mins: 2,000

Fire Reiki

21 days: 10,500

Crystal Fire Reiki

21 days: 15,000

Pure energy healing that can be done remotely. Healing energy is channeled and transmitted to the recipient to work through the aura and meridians and clear out any dense energy blockages. This allows new, active life force energy to flow through the body again to rejuvenate the physical body as well as re-align thought patterns.

Avaliable with crystal grid enhancements.

Fire Reiki

Single Question

30 mins: 1,500 rs

Grand Tableau

60 mins: 3,000 rs

A mystical method of reading cards to give you deep insights and guidance for your questions. Choose from a simple one question reading to a Grand Tableau reading that can give you a bigger picture for multiple areas of your life.

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Personality Report:

3,000 rs

Annual Reading: 5,000 rs

A unique character report based on your birth day. Unlock the hidden potential of your strengths and talents. How to understand and overcome weaknesses and challenges to realise the purpose of this life. Report sent to you as a pdf - no consultation needed.

Annual reading also available to optimise your success in work, life and play for the year.

Kismet Reading

A few clips to see if you need chakra healing...

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