We offer a wide variety of therapies in order to tailor the healing as required. Whichever technique we use, the objective is the same: to release unwanted emotions / thoughts / behaviour from your system and recover your authentic, genuine self. Thoughts and emotions are the interface between our mind and body. Usually, when we are fully present in the moment we only focus on thoughts which are required to move forward. However, in many cases what happens is we are not able to proceed because of old thoughts, beliefs from the past. These words are no longer valid. Not relevant for the reality today. They act as a virus, interfering with the program that you do need. 

If thoughts, which are just words in your mind, can influence how you think and behave, we can do the reverse too. We can use selected words chosen for a given objective to influence our mind. There are many resources which give suggested affirmations based on the relevant issues. The therapies below provide a more accurate and detailed insight into the causes of thought viruses to effectively root them out. 




Access your own subconscious mind. There is no 'mumbo jumbo'. Hypnosis is simply entering a very relaxed state with your eyes closed, and then seeing and / or reliving scenes from previous experiences. Consciously, it just feels like you are on the verge of falling asleep while you are able to visualise experiences just like memories. In this state, we can help you access the moments, experiences which are causing certain issues in life. It could be an experience in which you were very humiliated and as a result there is a small part of you stuck in that experience. Still reliving it. Still seeing the world on the basis of that experience and not moving on. The aim is to make peace with that moment, accepting that it is over. It is a new day. Time to move on.



A simple, yet pure method of channeling life force energy to heal any kind of mental or physical issues. Reiki essentially means guided life force energy. The healer merely acts as an intermediary to guide the healing energy to where it is needed the most and for the highest good. The principle is that when our life force energy is low, then there is less energy available to flow to the physical body. This is how diseases begin. This is why many diseases return despite numerous medical treatments. Since medicine only works on the physical body - it does not deal with the root cause at the energy level.

Reiki is one of few treatments that can be applied remotely. Time and space are not a constraint so healing can be done for you wherever you are in the world. 




Chakras are vortices of energy in your aura - the energy field surrounding your physical body. Primarily there are seven major vortices corresponding to various points in the body and governing different aspects of life. From basic survival, creativity, drive, love, expression, vision to enlightenment. Ideally, energy flows freely through the chakras ensuring healthy functioning of the respective aspects and parts of the body. However, life is not always ideal and we often meet with stresses, traumas, incidents which can disturb the energy flow and can even create blockages if not dealt with. 

In addition to the seven major chakras that many people know about, we work with 150+ additional minor chakras. This enables a much more accurate reading to find the core issue. Once we have established which chakras need healing, we suggest a suitable affirmation to be repeated for 21 days. An affirmation is basically a phrase, a statement designed to influence your thoughts according to your desired outcome. Usually the words are chosen to counteract any negative thoughts which may be detrimental to you.

Affirmations are very effective because of a very simple principle. Our thoughts are essentially words in our mind. How we feel at a given moment is determined by the thoughts and the resulting emotions. What we are thinking can be put into words. In order to influence our thoughts we do some reverse engineering by repeating positive words. Positive words equal positive thoughts. By repeating affirmations over a set time frame, new positive thoughts replace old, negative thoughts. At a deeper level even beliefs, conclusions about life can be changed.

The readings can be done in person or over the phone. 




Crystals have been used for their various properties by numerous civilisations throughout history. From ancient Ayurveda in India, to Atlantis, Egypt, Aztecs, Mayans to tribes all over the world have documented their usage. In modern times crystals are used in clocks (quartz), liquid crystal displays and many other uses for the raw silicon. We have researched hundreds of types of crystals and identified suitable variants for healing and empowerment. In therapy, crystals can be used directly by placing on relevant points on the body or through the use of grids for distant healing. For more effective, sustained results many people like to wear bracelets, necklaces or even carry a small tumble in the pocket. See redgreenbee for a wide range of crystals.





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