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Activated charcoal is one of the hottest items to enter the healthcare market in recent times. Essentially it is coal – often made from wood, coconut shells or peat – which is then treated through heat and thereby creating internal pores. These pores are what give activated charcoal its supreme ability to draw out and trap toxins and chemicals. Also, the pores have a negative charge that magnetically attracts toxins which are positively charged to stick to it.

Medicinally this has been used orally for treatment of poisoning and overdoses. Other uses include water filters and toothpastes.

We are concerned with its use in soap and creams. The powerful trapping effect with its porous structure makes activated charcoal a supreme product in cleansing and exfoliating (one of the best to remove blackheads). Now found in products such as bath soap, face wash, face masks and even make up remover.

Ocean in a Drop have created a natural, handmade soap using activated charcoal as its base with added frankincense and black obsidian energy. Click here for more on our soaps.


Rose quartz works primarily on your heart centre dealing with emotions and relationships. Helping you to forgive your self and others for all the events of the past. Why hold on to grudges from the past? You can never visit the past physically, you can never change what happened. Let it all go. Rose Quartz is excellent for transmuting negative thoughts and energies to higher vibrating positivity. It helps you to understand the importance of acceptance of all that is. The sooner you can accept what has happened. Accept that you are here now. Regardless of what you have experienced in the past, you have survived haven’t you? It is time to look forward and do what you can do today to achieve your goals. Work with Rose quartz to energise your heart centre and attract love. Physically this power crystal benefits the heart, blood circulation, lungs and much more. Also, it is excellent for skin health which is why it has been used in Ocean in a Drop range of soaps and body butters.

Rose quartz polished tower wand.

Rose quartz polished tower wand.




A classic example of a body disorder occurring because of a mental block. The thyroid gland being located in the throat area, it is directly affected by disturbances in communication. If you or someone you know has hyper or hypo thyroid, check how well you or they communicate. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself how freely you express yourself. Can you speak openly to everyone? Maybe there is someone with whom you feel you are not able to speak to? Also check how well you listen to others. Communication has to work both ways. Do you genuinely listen to others or just waiting for your turn to speak?

Another reason could be self worth and self belief. We all start off life believing that we can be whatever we choose to be. Unfortunately, life wants to teach us lessons so we invariably hit a few stumbling blocks here and there. We come across people who put us down, telling us we can’t do things. Eventually these experiences can get the better of us and we lose belief in our selves. It is time to realise that we are all capable of achieving what we want to. We just need to believe in ourselves and have faith in the universal consciousness to support us. It is time to begin expressing what we feel, sincerely and honestly. Why should we have to suppress our thoughts deep down in ourselves? They will only resurface at a later date and catch you by surprise.




Products applied on your skin enter your bloodstream without filtering.

Products applied on your skin enter your bloodstream without filtering.

We are becoming increasingly conscious of what we eat and drink these days. Becoming selective through numerous diets, preferring fresh ingredients, opting for superfoods, minimising junk foods, ultimately optimising the nutritional benefits for our bodies. When food enters our body, it is processed through an elaborate digestive system which filters out unwanted toxins and elements which we don't need. Unfortunately, our skin does not have a similar level of filtering. What we apply on our skin directly enters our bloodstream. What's worse is with a growing usage of cosmetics among both women and men, we are consuming a cocktail of chemicals on a daily basis!

The average woman uses 12 products consisting of 168 ingredients daily. Most of the ingredients are chemicals including toxins and carcinogens with a multitude of dangers for the human body. Products such as lotions, soaps, shampoos, makeup, deodorant, sunscreens and hair products are typically laden with harmful ingredients which enter your bloodstream - unfiltered.

Nature has provided us with everything we need to look after ourselves. We have just forgotten the recipes along the way! Be good to your body and cut out the junk from your skin care regime. Scrutinise the ingredients and opt for natural as much as possible. 

Ocean in a Drop has a luxurious range of handmade, natural soaps and body butter. The body butters are energised with healing crystals to give you a boost in removing negative energy not just from the toxins but from your mind...



A polished tourmaline tower wand with a watermelon tourmaline bracelet. Natural rough forms in the background.

A polished tourmaline tower wand with a watermelon tourmaline bracelet. Natural rough forms in the background.

One of the most popular and trusted crystals is Tourmaline. While it comes in an array of attractive colours, the black form is the most widely available. This mysterious stone has the ability to absorb negative energy from any space where it is kept. Large pieces are often kept in houses either in the foyer or living room where guests are likely to be present. Tourmaline is reputed as the crystal of choice to protect the wearer against negative thoughts, beliefs, behaviour patterns and also environmental radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves and geopathic stress. For the physical body, this stone resonates with the spine working to maintain its alignment. As it is deeply connected with the earth element and root chakra, tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding. It helps you to realign your mind with your physical body and its existence on this planet. As it works on balancing the root chakra, it can encourage a feeling of safety and security while warding off fears and anxiety. As with most crystals you can buy tourmaline in many forms from bracelets and pendants to wear to rough forms to place in the house or meditate with.




Stress is the number one epidemic of modern times according to The World Health Organisation. In USA alone, this silent killer is responsible for corporate losses of 300 billion USD per year.

One of the problems with stress is the lack of awareness on identifying symptoms. As humans our inherent survival mechanisms and conditioned beliefs to struggle in order to succeed in life. As we take on more responsibilities at work and home, all it takes is some unforeseen events to push us over the edge. Gradually, everything seems to be difficult and stressful, concentration gives way to overthinking and you get lost in your thoughts feeling daunted by all the tasks that need to be completed.

This is why perception is important. It is not always the case that it is impossible to handle all of life’s issues, but it can appear that way when under stress. This is why it is crucial to identify the symptoms before they do more damage.


Our subconscious mind operates like a backup server, storing all of our experiences in life and to ensure our survival. Since primitive times, we have had an inbuilt fight / flight mechanism. Because this has been hardwired in to our brains from the outset, we still respond to threats as if they were the type of threats in the early days. Usually it would have been a predator in animal or a rival tribe leaving with 2 basic options - fight or flee. Both of these options require the arms and legs to have maximum energy. Both require the heart to pump faster and the breathing to be short and fast. But, for most people threats in modern times rarely cause us to move an inch, let alone get into a physical fight or run away.

So the body is now pumped for action with adrenaline running through its veins. But with no action, the muscles remain tense and the short breathing means the brain is not fully oxygenated. Think of any emotion that causes you to breath short and you will find that during those times you don’t make the best decisions. This is why it is recommended to relax and take deep breaths before taking a decision, especially when you are angry or stressed. The constant tense muscles and joints result in fatigue. It already felt difficult to manage your work and now you have less physical energy. Motivation goes down, further adding to stress and guilt. The feeling of low energy creates cravings for high sugar, high caffeine doses. Now you are on the sugar peaks and crash rollercoaster further undermining your ability to efficiently do your work.


You can observe your stress levels by observing your behaviour, your thoughts and taking time to reflect. Simple meditation techniques are great for slowing down the thought machine and reminding yourself that you can have peace of mind any time. Planning your work, focusing on your vision and letting go of emotions from the past will keep you balanced. Eating healthy, fresh food supplies your body with stress fighting vitamins and minerals. Physical activity such as aerobics, weight training or yoga (best for mind and body) will help to release any built up tension from the muscles.

For assistance in releasing emotions or for personalised affirmations to reprogram your thoughts contact us. Empower your mind, Empower your world.