Exclusive collection of handmade soap

Discover a refreshing new way to exfoliate and cleanse yourself. Focusing on natural ingredients, these soaps are specially blended for superior exfoliation and cleansing. Energised with powerful healing crystals for uplifting your mood and protecting against negativity.

Malachite - Earthy Clay with the scent of Green Tea


Inspired by the mysterious Malachite gem, this soap feels as good as it looks. A rich combination of green clay, olive oil, moringa powder and much more to leave you feeling fresh and pampered.

Moringa is excellent for detoxifying, hydrating and protecting your skin with its natural proteins.

The activated charcoal extracts the impurities from your skin like a magnet, making way for the luxurious oils to nourish you.

Energised with powerful Malachite - known for opening your heart and transforming yourself to attract wisdom and abundance.

Moonstone - Exfoliate and Luxuriate

This wonderful soap is like the moon. It has a dark side of ground coffee to exfoliate your skin and scrub off dead skin cells, open your pores and leave your skin feeling softer and brighter. The light side of the moon gives luxurious moisturising with rich Shea Butter. This natural oil nourishes your skin with vitamins A, E and F, essential fatty acids and not only protects your skin's natural oils but protects against UV rays with an SPF 6 rating. Famous for removing stretch marks and healing cracked skin.

Energised with Moonstone crystal which is known to help balance yin energy and aid in meditation.


Dragon Glass - Purify and Protect

With a base of Activated Charcoal, this soap exfoliates and extracts oil and dirt from the skin. Also antibacterial, anti-fungal and removes toxins from your body. Activated Charcoal is excellent for slaying those stubborn blackheads. Frankincense adds a lovely woody aroma with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities to reduce acne and blemishes from your skin.

This soap's qualities are enhanced with the energy of black obsidian - a crystal-like substance which forms naturally when volcanic lava cools quickly. It is a powerful tool for banishing negative energy and protecting against harmful thoughts.

Click here for more info on Activated Charcoal.


Sunstone - Rise and Shine

This glycerine based soap is a ray of joyous sunshine in a bar. Cleansing, moisturising and naturally retains water content in the skin. Containing real oats, it is excellent for all skin types especially sensitive skin providing relief from itchy skin, eczema, dermatitis and even insect bites. Oats gently exfoliate the skin with its natural texture and helps to moisturise and balance skin tone. Cinnamon powder stimulates the blood vessels to make the skin fuller and smooth out wrinkles. Along with imparting a fresh, spicy aroma, cinnamon also helps with oily skin issues such as acne by drying it out. 

Energised with Sunstone crystal for uplifting your mood, and giving a zest to life to bounce back from stress and depression.


Ocean in a Drop - refreshing ocean waves in a bar

Our latest soap turned out to be such a wonderful creation that we designated it as our signature soap.

A glycerine based soap with refreshing mint to naturally cleanse, moisturise and control acne. Mint is excellent for energising and stimulating the mind and senses. Perfect for feeling awake and to focus on the day ahead.

Himalayan salt detoxifies and relaxes the body while contributing mineral absorption. It is also superb for clearing the mind from negative energies.

"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop."

Tranquil Amethyst Soap - Lavender oil and energy of Amethyst crystal for supreme relaxation and stress relief. 

Minty Peridot Soap - Mint oil and energy of abundance giving Peridot for an energising and refreshing start to the day.