The Centre

The Centre


The more you act and behave how you want to be.

The more you think and feel how you want to be.

Open your self completely, allowing only the thoughts and feelings that resonate with how you want to be.

Anything else is just distraction.

Any experience you have is determined by the emotional response.

If your response and emotion does not match the ideal state of being, then let it go.
Don't waste time or emotional connect to it.

The ideal state of being is when you can be relaxed, comfortable, breathing slow and deep.

See your thoughts, coming and going.

Without judgement.


As you continue to observe without judgement, the thoughts slow down.

It doesn't matter what the thoughts are.

And then.
No thoughts.
Just observing.

This is your centre.

The being that observes every experience, regardless of whether it was good or bad.

An experience is what it is. It is only emotional attachment that labels it anything else.

Focusing inward to your self while keeping yourself free from any emotional hooks.

Ground zero.

From here you can set the blueprint.

The vision.

The feeling of the experience.

Belief in yourself.

Honesty to your self.

Strength and capability.


See the path to the vision.

Align yourself to the vision.

Feel the connection. From now to then.

Feel it now.

Every decision, every response has an impact on the route to the vision.

The choice is always yours.


Move your body towards manifestation

 The key to hitting your target is focus with mind and body in sync.

The key to hitting your target is focus with mind and body in sync.

Focusing and acting towards your goal is the best way to forget the past.

Look forward

Effective action only happens through your physical body.

It is your vehicle.

For top performance you need to maintain your vehicle.

That means regular exercise at least at a moderate level.

Even yoga is a great way to keep your body in shape.

Any physical activity which aligns your mind with your body.

Hand eye coordination requires perfect focus. Focus requires total attention, which can only happen if the mind is completely aligned with the body.

The body also needs time to rest. A good night's sleep is equally as important as the focused action of daylight hours.


Giving yourself enough rest and training your body regularly, you look and feel better, eating better, you are breathing better.

You are already living better, encouraging the mind to focus on higher realities.

When you change your old, basic car to a brand new high performance sports car, you just feel better.

Suddenly you can drive with an air of confidence to really push the limits of speed and agility.

Likewise with our physical bodies, the state of our minds is equally influenced by the state of our body. When you know your body is in peak condition, you naturally feel more confident and motivated to act towards higher goals.

Therefore it only makes sense to start the day with a physical routine.

A good workout is a signal to the mind that this body is planning to do things today.

Like in a game of sport, you need to warm up, train for the big match.

Then with the mind kick-started, you are in a much better space to think.

While the body is recovering, the mind is thinking ahead.

Sleep well and train consistently for efficient action.

A healthy body leads to a an empowered mind. An empowered mind, directs the body to complete the actions to take you where you want to be.

Observe your thoughts


Observe your thoughts.

Always be aware.

Be still.


Deep breaths.

Watch your thoughts, coming and going.

Be neutral to the thoughts, regardless of positive or negative emotions.

Don't judge your thoughts, just watch them.

Realise that you are not your thoughts.

You are not your body in physical or thought form.

You are simply the Being within observing through your body.

Expressing and acting through your body from thought to physical manifestation.

Energy is required to transform thought to action.

That is emotion, the Feeling. Emotion of your intended state gives energy to your thoughts and results in action to manifest reality.

Observe the peaceful state of being when you can sit there in stillness to all that you can think about.

Accepting all that is without judgement.

Feel your breathing.

In a relaxed state of awareness and acceptance, your breathing is deep and through the abdomen.

Deep breathing.

This is your centre.

This is all of you with full focus right here, right now.

From here it's all you.

Now YOU get to decide where you want to be and how you want to be. Whatever happened before, now you are in charge of how you move forward.

Visualise your desired state.

Think of the scene.

Feel the experience.

See it.

Hear it.

Feel it in your body through your senses.

Breathe the way you would in that moment.

List out the steps required to make that a physical reality.

Step by step plan to reach from where and how you are now to where and how you want to be.

Then it's just the willingness to complete the steps.

Focused attention on physically completing as many steps required to get closer to your goal.


Thoughts > Emotions > Action

Focused breathing, feeling emotions and taking action.

That is you in your optimum state of being.

Completely and totally focused and present.

There is always a path from vision to reality.

It is up to You to decide how much you do in the given time. At the same time being realistic.

Accepting whatever has already happened without judgement.

Keep your focus on your vision.

Continued action and feeling in sync with the vision.

Speak, feel, breathe and act towards your vision.

Each new day is another chance to get closer to your vision.

What is a Core Issue - and how to resolve it

What is a Core Issue - and how to resolve it



The underlying cause of a multitude of problems in life.

The first incident in life that set off the chain reaction of similar events for years to come. Further experiences repeating the emotions and thoughts from the first incident.

When do we feel there is an issue? It is often when we have experienced the same behaviour from others or acted in the same way ourselves on a recurring basis over a given time. For example in the case of anger, no one is going to seek help after the first incident of rage.  We often don’t realise ourselves that we have a problem. It is usually when a family member or colleague from work mentions to us that we even become aware. It is after observing the behaviour repeating over time that it becomes cause for concern.

By this stage, the central issue of anger has manifested in multiple aspects of life. Problems at work, struggling relationships, road rage, stress, and a range of health issues such as heartburn, ulcers, indigestion, high blood pressure, etc… Each symptom itself being a possible trigger for even further problems.


If you are to treat the individual problems, you are only dealing with one branch or even a sub-branch of a large tree. The tree continues to survive and the branches continue to grow. You can take medication for indigestion, or high blood pressure, but you have not reached anywhere near the underlying cause. Even looking at the relationship may help to uncover anger as the issue. This follows with anger management courses. But this requires a lot of time and effort, and ultimately has still not reached the core, underlying cause!

With in-depth Chakra analysis, a typical one hour session can reveal the underlying causes layer by layer until the root is reached. For example, a client approaches the therapist with a relationship issue. While scanning, the first layer may be something like ‘a need to communicate more with more diplomacy’, then the next layer could be ‘the need to listen more effectively’, followed by ‘awareness that conflicts are not always required – results can be achieved without the need to struggle’, and so on until the last point comes to ‘re-evaluating sensitivity to others’ perception of you.’


Very often, the last layer will reveal an awareness that takes the client back to an earlier stage in life – usually childhood. The first inner child is remembered at a deep subconscious level. The part of the client that was stuck in the moment of trauma understands that the incident is over and it is safe to come back to the present.

Once this inner child is healed, the entire tree of problematic behaviour patterns collapses. The root of the anger related issues at work, relationships, etc. is cut.

The last stage is to reinforce the awareness with empowering affirmations – positive statements that rewire the mind for positive thinking and behaviour.

What is your core issue? Contact now to find out and live in freedom from today.






How many steps will you take today to reach your goal?

How many steps will you take today to reach your goal?



Reflect on your day.
What did you achieve?
How much did you do from what you planned to do.
What you visualised yesterday.

Now focus again.

Where do you want to be tomorrow?
The day after and so on.

What steps can you take today and tomorrow to reach your desired destination?

Limited time.
How will you use it?
The less time you spend thinking of past memories the more time you have to take steps towards your goal.

Spend time visualising your desired state.
You will always be you.
Only the physical body and the environment change.
All matter is in a continuous state of change.
But you are always YOU.
Thoughts, emotions, experiences, all come and go.
It is up to you to create the thoughts with your desired emotions and feelings.

See yourself pictured in the scene and feel the emotions and physical sensations as if you're already there.Feel the feeling throughout your body.
Now bring that into focus.
From today's perspective.
What steps can you take today?
Maybe 100 small steps.
It could take days, months, years.
It is up to you how fast you get there.
How many steps can you complete today?

How to truly accept and focus in life

How to truly accept and focus in life

Accept and come back to now

Let go of what's already happened. It is all behind you.

Accepting is being neutral to what you have experienced.

Let go of all emotional attachments from what you have done and what's been done with you.
Whatever has happened, You are here now.

Recover the lost parts of your self

Recover the lost parts of your self

Instead of thinking and thinking of the what ifs, and the should haves and could haves, save your energy and just do what you can do today. See each day as a new day, a fresh start for doing what you physically can to get closer to where you want to be.



Forgiveness is more for ourselves than for others.

Just do it

Just do it

Break out of laziness... Just take action!

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Why hypnotherapy?

Why hypnotherapy?

Why hypnotherapy? Why Reiki? Why tarot cards?

The question actually should be 'why any kind of therapy?'

If you are able to forgive yourself and others for everything (yes everything) that has happened in the past, you don't need therapy.

If you are able to keep your awareness totally in the present, right here right now, then you don't need therapy.

If you are able to prevent your emotions from taking over your state of mind, then you don't need therapy.

If you are able to be yourself, your true self, then you don't need therapy.

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The Here and Now

The Here and Now

What does it mean to be in the Here and Now? And why we need to be.

We often hear that we need to be in the moment, to be present. But what does this really mean?

To keep it as simple as possible, it means that we need to be fully aware of where we are and focus on the moment. Seems simple in theory doesn’t it? In practise though, most of us have a tendency to wander mentally to other places and other times. Of course, there is nothing wrong when we reminisce about happy memories with loved ones, childhood moments, holiday scenes, etc… The problem occurs when we keep thinking about something which disturbs us. Past moments which are not allowing us to focus on the present task at hand. Not allowing us to live in peace in the current moment.

For example, you’re sitting at your desk at work and need to complete a report. You need to concentrate. But your mind keeps bringing up a scene of an argument you had with the spouse over breakfast, or someone who cut you up on the drive to work. You are not able to let go of that experience. How it made you feel. The anger, guilt, resentment, etc… The mind keeps reliving that moment which is in the past. The more time your mind spends on that past moment, the less time you have for fully focused awareness in the present. The result? The report may not be completed in time, or it is not produced to the expected standard. Worse still, you may have less time to complete the other tasks for the day. Added to that, more stress and guilt for not having done your work efficiently. Then fear and anxiety can creep in – worries about job security since you are not doing your job properly. Now the mind is wandering to the future! You start imagining getting reprimanded, warnings, losing your job or missing out on the promotion / raise. Imagining scenarios which may not even happen but since you keep thinking about it you could actually manifest it!

The point is that the physical body can only live in the present, in the Here and Now. So, to have full alignment between body and mind, to do anything effectively, we need the mind to be fully in the present.

Worries and anxieties about the future are equally damaging. Of course, we do need to plan for the future but the problem occurs when we get stuck there because of fear. “What if this happens?” “What if that happens?” Imagining scenarios which may or may not ever happen. You cannot live in the future. However, you can create your future by acting Now. Since Now is the only time in which we can act.

Each moment you spend stuck in the past or the future robs you of the time available to you Now. The current moment is called the present – so accept it like a present, a gift. Make the most of it. Each day is a new day, a new present.

 Don't allow the past or the future to rob your present!

Don't allow the past or the future to rob your present!