What does it mean to be in the Here and Now? And why we need to be.

We often hear that we need to be in the moment, to be present. But what does this really mean?

To keep it as simple as possible, it means that we need to be fully aware of where we are and focus on the moment. Seems simple in theory doesn’t it? In practise though, most of us have a tendency to wander mentally to other places and other times. Of course, there is nothing wrong when we reminisce about happy memories with loved ones, childhood moments, holiday scenes, etc… The problem occurs when we keep thinking about something which disturbs us. Past moments which are not allowing us to focus on the present task at hand. Not allowing us to live in peace in the current moment.

For example, you’re sitting at your desk at work and need to complete a report. You need to concentrate. But your mind keeps bringing up a scene of an argument you had with the spouse over breakfast, or someone who cut you up on the drive to work. You are not able to let go of that experience. How it made you feel. The anger, guilt, resentment, etc… The mind keeps reliving that moment which is in the past. The more time your mind spends on that past moment, the less time you have for fully focused awareness in the present. The result? The report may not be completed in time, or it is not produced to the expected standard. Worse still, you may have less time to complete the other tasks for the day. Added to that, more stress and guilt for not having done your work efficiently. Then fear and anxiety can creep in – worries about job security since you are not doing your job properly. Now the mind is wandering to the future! You start imagining getting reprimanded, warnings, losing your job or missing out on the promotion / raise. Imagining scenarios which may not even happen but since you keep thinking about it you could actually manifest it!

The point is that the physical body can only live in the present, in the Here and Now. So, to have full alignment between body and mind, to do anything effectively, we need the mind to be fully in the present.

Worries and anxieties about the future are equally damaging. Of course, we do need to plan for the future but the problem occurs when we get stuck there because of fear. “What if this happens?” “What if that happens?” Imagining scenarios which may or may not ever happen. You cannot live in the future. However, you can create your future by acting Now. Since Now is the only time in which we can act.

Each moment you spend stuck in the past or the future robs you of the time available to you Now. The current moment is called the present – so accept it like a present, a gift. Make the most of it. Each day is a new day, a new present.

Don't allow the past or the future to rob your present!

Don't allow the past or the future to rob your present!