Planet – Sun

Ambitious, assertive, confident, natural leader, enthusiastic, energy.

 Like the sun itself, Ones are full of energy and exude radiance. The most ambitious of people, they usually have the luck to help them reach the heights they aim for.

 As the sun doesn’t rely on any other orbs for energy, Ones are self reliant, independent and are most comfortable in positions of authority. They love to have their own freedom and do well on their own with an inherent discipline and practical nature.

 Usually tend to be extroverts, they love attention. The Sun is of course at the centre of the solar system with all other celestial beings revolving around it. Ones make very good friends and tend to be helpful to friends and humanity overall.

 The Sun is associated with masculine qualities and the left brain. This makes Ones more logical, analytical and driven.


Which numbers are friendly for Ones?

Which numbers are not so compatible?

Which is the only number which does not see eye to eye with Ones… and why?


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