Planet – Moon

Emotional, intuitive, idealistic, helpful, friendly.

The moody Twos! The moon, unlike the sun goes through a cycle of change – from new moon to full moon and back to new moon. Since the moon has a strong influence on the mind, the psyche, Twos tend to go through their own mood swings, fluctuations in emotions, sudden changes in likes / dislikes.

The moon’s reflective capability is mirrored in people under the 2 influence. They are very sensitive to people and their environment. This same quality heightens their senses, attracting them appreciate fine aromas, flavours, sights and sounds. Lovers of all kinds of artistic expressions.

Mostly peace loving (Mahatma Gandhi was a Two, but there are exceptions such as Hitler). They can make very good diplomats, arbitrators and other positions of helpful nature.

Twos operate more from their right brain, giving creativity, imagination, intuition, abstract thinking and fluid form free living. It is important to have a real world outlet for all the mental activity, otherwise they can be lost in their own mind withdrawing from reality.


Which numbers are friendly for Twos?

Which numbers are not so compatible?

How can you balance its effects?


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