Planet – Jupiter

Sociable, popular, talkative, thinking power, natural consultants and teachers. Direct in speech. Knowledge oriented, not materialistic.

The Wise Threes! These people, ruled by Jupiter value truth above everything, including money. Hard work and the passion for truth, knowledge usually places Threes in fields where they teach others. They are the gurus of the world. As teachers, consultants they are able to enjoy the attention they crave and express from the vast pool of knowledge they have accumulated. They may also express through writing.

The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter lends a big heart to those under its influence. They are usually more open minded, can talk to everyone with little judgement and are the first to give a helping hand to those in need.

Speech is very important with Threes. They prefer to speak directly and truthfully often seeing things from an alternative perspective. This is usually a good thing as they are honest and give good advice. However, quite often the truth can hurt and Threes don’t like to sugar coat things – so be ready for the occasional sting!

The generosity and talkative nature make the Threes naturally popular and so they will usually have many friends.

Confident and forever optimists – they put in the effort to complete their missions – further fuelling their confidence.


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Which is the one number that is a polar opposite to Threes?


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