Planet – Rahu (North node of Moon)

Mentally strong, organised, effort, patriotic. Natural politicians. Don’t listen to others. Difficulty accepting mistakes.

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is the head portion of a demon. Not corresponding to a physical planet but more to do with points of intersection of the moon’s orbit. We won’t go into detail here.

Fours are all about the head. Of all the numbers, they have the strongest mental power and have the energy to power on at times when many others get exhausted. Hand eye coordination comes naturally. Fours are the natural politicians as they are ‘heads’ of state in more ways than one. Fours tend to be found in top formula one drivers, doctors and even artists.

Fours should be careful to not succumb to egotistical and selfish tendencies. Their headstrong nature can sometimes make them stubborn to see the other perspective.

But the very stubbornness that makes them obstinate can also serve to give them the determination to overcome difficulties and obstacles in their path.

Being more head oriented, Fours should remember that they have a body too! Involving the body through physical activities such as yoga, gym or sport is very useful.


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