Planet – Venus

Generous, family oriented, helpful, luxuries, beauty. 

Materialistic, controversies, may deviate from law for money.

 Ruled by Venus, Sixes are all about love, enjoying through all of the senses, beauty and luxuries. Their love of beauty attracts them to music, dance, precious stones, fragrances, fashion and all luxuries.

The love theme is also reflected in their relationships. They can be quick to settle down with a significant other and devote their energy to family life. On the other extreme, they could be hopping through multiple romantic affairs. Either way, they don’t like to be alone.

Venus’ influence gives luck aplenty to Sixes to ensure their desire for luxuries are manifested in abundance. They love to express their fine taste by spending on themselves and others.

On the flip side, the quest for that shiny, sparkly material wealth can sway a Six off the straight and narrow. They may be tempted to bend a few rules here and there – lucky for them they tend to get away with it too! However, sometimes luck can run out and can land them in the centre of a scandal. So, be careful!


How can you use the energy of Six to have more love in your life?

Which two numbers have a special relationship with Six?

Which number is a natural nemesis to Six?


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