Planet – Ketu (South node of the moon)

Mystic, secretive, intuitive, research, natural athletes.

In vedic astrology, Ketu is the body to Rahu’s head. Again, this one does not correspond to a physical planet but the moon’s path.

Sevens tend to be more body oriented. As the body half of the Rahu / Ketu split, they make excellent athletes and love to get those legs moving to explore distant locations.

They have a mystic, spiritual side if they open their mind to it. Their inherent intuitive abilities can give them an edge in the occult practices and give them a deep insight into the essence of spirituality and self-realisation.

The ‘headless planet’ can make Sevens a little restless so they can benefit from a partner who can keep them balanced. They usually experience a few romantic disappointments before finding the right match.

Sevens should take extra care not to get over involved in fantasy and excessive consumption of intoxicants.


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