Planet – Saturn

Practical, determination, finance, law, work ethic.

Ruled by Saturn, Eights are about willpower and determination. They may face many struggles and obstacles in life, but they have the confidence and persistence to keep pushing through to success. Saturn will always give due reward for patience and effort.

Not ones to be swayed by ideas of fantasy, Eights have a practical approach to life. Their sense of grounding and realism with eyes always on the goal is what keeps them on track. Religion may be explored but deep meditation into the inner self is their forte.

This is an excellent number for finance, and wealth does materialise for Eights but often later in life – after they have shown some effort.

The Saturn influence is favourable for land so real estate can be a beneficial career. Their high regard for honesty and principles make law an excellent choice too. Saturn does not look too kindly on dishonest practices.


Which number is the polar opposite to Eight?

Which number is like a brother to Eight?

Which colour is especially lucky for Eights but unlucky for others?


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