Planet – Mars

Humanitarian, confidence, drive, compassion, extremes

Ruled by Mars, the god of war, Nines have the courage and drive to achieve their ambitions. Often, this drive can give them the extra energy to not only complete their goals but to help others with their inner compassion.

The Mars energy is especially favourable for those who dedicate their time to humanitarian activities. The more they help others, the more Mars will benefit them with fortune.

Nines should take care not to allow their inherent confidence turn into dominance. Otherwise, there can be conflicts at work and quarrels with their loved ones.

Mars’ fiery nature can cause accidents, surgeries and lawsuits. Controlling anger and arrogance through calming activities such as yoga, meditation and awareness will help to prevent any of these eventualities.

When Nines are able to balance their qualities they can become excellent leaders as they love to be in positions of authority and have the bravery to overcome obstacles.


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