Just do it.

Get moving.

Effort. Sustain. Stamina.

Keep working.

Always be acting. 

Acting means doing. Being productive.

Not acting means not being productive.

Not acting is laziness. 

Feeling lazy means not acting.

Have to decide. Everything is duality.

Light and Dark. Plus and minus. 

Decide and live with it.

Bravery is being able to decide. With confidence. With belief.

With faith.

In yourself.

True belief.

Keep acting. Keep deciding. 

Deciding means acting.

Deciding > Acting > With Belief = Productivity

With positive intent. When you know from within that what you are deciding and acting on is in line with the highest good.

Acting in line with the highest good.

Will always be productive.

When you act knowing that your decision benefits others.

The universe will shift.

To ensure it happens.

The universe is me.

Ultimately in essence at the highest level.

It is just me.

Why look anywhere else. Go straight to the heart of the matter.

Which is essentially not matter.

At the very basic level it is just me.

There is only I.

Because you are me. 

All life is me.

Every being. Is all one consciousness.

Everything else is matter.

And all matter is ever changing. 

Appearing and disappearing.

Get moving.

Move the body. Exercise.

Healthy body = healthy mind.





Plan for the day.

See the plan.

Visualise it completed.

Feel it completed.

Act on it.

Just do it!