What is an aura? Many people speak of the aura in terms of the energy or mood perceived by someone. Such as “she had a radiant aura.” Definitively speaking, an aura is an energy that surrounds you. Of course, everything is energy – all matter is energy vibrating at different rates of speed. Looking at it another way, your aura is comprised of your thoughts and emotions.

 Auras can be seen by some gifted people. For the rest of us, we can see one’s aura through Kirlian photography. This imaging shows numerous colours in and around the body indicating the person’s state of mind. Moods, trapped emotions, nature of thoughts and beliefs can all be determined by the colours.

So, essentially the aura is the energy of the mind. The mind is your program. What you do, how you act is determined by your perspective on life. What you think, how you feel. This in turn is influenced by your experiences and how you perceived them.

To cleanse the aura, to keep it healthy is the same as tuning your thoughts and feelings. Through observation and understanding you can decide what thoughts you give attention to. Which thoughts you will believe. Often, there can be thoughts that don’t belong in the present moment. Haunting words from a past moment, maybe an event in childhood. Some thoughts might not even belong to you at all. Words spoken by someone else that you just held on to. Or maybe the thoughts are not yours at all, but simply other people’s thoughts floating in the environment. We are so intimately connected with our thoughts, we don’t realise that many thoughts do not even belong in the present moment. Just as the consumption of stale food will make you ill, giving attention to invalid thoughts will disturb your mind.


Energetically the aura can be cleared through the use of Reiki, Pranic healing and similar modalities. Even natural stones and crystals such as the many varieties of quartz and agate can enhance your well being by working through your energy field and raising its frequency.

Psychic attacks are often negative thoughts sent with intensity by someone who wishes to cause harm. In many cases this can occur unintentionally. Jealousy and envy are the most common cause of such attacks. These thoughts enter the victim’s aura and take advantage of their own weaknesses like self doubt, insecurity, anger, etc… Just think, someone who already has low self esteem and doesn’t think highly of their own opinion. If this person’s aura is invaded by thoughts intended to demotivate them, it wouldn’t be difficult.

How to keep your aura clear and protected


This one might seem obvious, but it really is the most effective method. Ultimately the aura is an imprint of your thoughts and emotions. If you are able to sit in stillness and observe your thoughts with a neutral perspective you will train your mind not to get attached to any unwanted energies. The more you can find peace and power within your self, the stronger you are against external stimuli.


Repeated positive statements work to tune your thoughts and beliefs

Repeated positive statements work to tune your thoughts and beliefs

The repetition of specific words designed to reinforce an empowering belief. We attract what we think and believe. Through self observation and analysis of our thoughts we can see which thoughts are not helping us. For example, someone may have a belief that they are not likeable, so their aura contains the energy of not being liked. What happens when this person is in the company of other people? These thoughts of not being liked emanate from the aura and are received by others. Others who will respond accordingly without even knowing why. There may simply be a thought such as “I don’t know why but I just didn’t like that person, they didn’t have a good energy.”


Food is energy. Not only calories which are direct energy but the quality of the energy. Kirlian photography shows how fresh, raw food emanates a higher vibration compared to stale food. You are what you eat. If you continue to fill your belly with processed, additive laden ‘junk’ where you cannot even recognise the original state of the ingredients anymore then what kind of energy can you expect to receive from such ‘food?’ The problem with most diets especially in the West is that most food is simply junk with flavours added to make it palatable. People have forgotten about the quality of food. Try to consume more fresh, raw fruit and vegetables to optimise your energy.


Moving your body on a regular basis, keeps the body healthy and as a result the mind too. Exercise sends a message to your body that you are ready for action and keeps you motivated. In addition, the happy hormones that are stimulated remind you of the good things in life and encourage positive thinking.


Smoky Quartz - a powerful crystal to clear out negative energies

Smoky Quartz - a powerful crystal to clear out negative energies

Natural gems from the earth, crystals focus energy. They are available in a wide spectrum of colours and shapes with numerous qualities. Crystals have been in use in almost every ancient civilisation and have been known to heal all kinds of ailments, mental and physical. The most common clear quartz crystal is reputed for its ability to amplify energy and dispel negativity. There are many other varieties which are especially adept in blocking and transmuting negative energy whether it is thoughts, evil eye, psychic attacks or even geopathic stress. The best examples are tourmaline, smoky quartz, jet and obsidian.

Herbs and resins

When it comes to targeting the darkest forms of energy, people have burned herbs and resins. Frankincense and myrrh, famous from the time of Christ’s birth and used in many cultures across the globe. These are resins from specific trees that when burned, create a purifying smoke believed to ward off spirits and dark energies. The burning of sage is also very popular - called smudging - in clearing spaces such as homes before the start of a ritual or after a healing session.


The great outdoors, with its vast landscapes and abundance of life is excellent for rejuvenating your aura. The earth has the ability to ground your energy and as a result reduce body pains and mental stress simply through direct contact with the body. Numerous studies indicate the positive effects of being outdoors. Nature is after all our natural environment, designed to keep us healthy and peaceful. It provides a tranquil respite from the congested and polluted cities that we have crammed ourselves in.


From pure energetic healing modalities such as Reiki and Pranic healing to hypnotherapy and regression therapies, there are numerous methods to heal energy blocks. Some work directly with energy, some through reliving past traumas to release them for good. Ultimately, the end result is elimination of negative patterns and behaviours and a more positive, empowered outlook on life.

Emotion control

The emotions you feel and hold on to will determine the energy of the emotions you attract from your environment. This is another reason to control emotions such as anger, guilt, fear, shame, etc… Like a radio tuning in to frequencies, the emotions you dwell on will tune your antenna to the same emotional energy lingering around you. Of course, it is okay to feel emotions as they happen.

Try one method, try a combination. See what works for you. Ultimately it is about thinking and feeling centred, empowered and at peace with your existence. We like this Obsidian Aura Spray created by Ocean in a Drop. It uses Frankincense and Myrrh as a base with the power of crystals to provide a multi-dimensional energy cleanser. A trident formation from Obsidian, Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz - all reputed for their ability to clear out negative energy and protecting from unwanted thoughts and psychic attacks.

Obsidian Aura clearing spray - keep your aura and space energetically clean

Obsidian Aura clearing spray - keep your aura and space energetically clean