Tis the season for giving gifts. A tradition which started from the time when the 3 magi carried gifts for the Baby Jesus. It is a reminder to us to give what we can when we can. Whether it is an object, money, help or a few words of wisdom, we should give freely without any expectation of reciprocation. One you help today may return the favour another day or maybe not. You may receive help from another at a time when you need it the most. What matters is that we help when we can while having faith that help will be there in our time of need. It doesn’t matter where it comes from.

When we give, we send out a message that we have enough not only for ourselves but enough left over to give to others. This creates a frequency of affluence from within, emanating out to the universe thereby attracting more affluence. There is a positive feeling inside reinforcing a belief that you have in abundance. You attract more in order to give more. Where does the word affluent originate from? The simple meaning is ‘wealthy’ but the original meaning of the word in Latin is ‘to flow freely.’ The more we give, the more we receive to continue the flow. Just as when you open a water tap, as water flows out, more water is drawn up through the pipes. The more you turn the tap, the more water comes up ready to flow out.


As the archaic definition - a tributary stream - to give is as natural as to receive. Rivers around the world continue to flow, supporting countless species of life, without a thought of receiving in return. The wildlife which feed off the river may not ever be able to repay the river in the same way for providing essential hydration or food. They may never be able to repay anything at all. However, the ecosystem is complex. Every being contributes in its own way to the intricate system. The river only needs rain from the sky to keep it flowing.

Every living being is a form of life expressing through different forms and various experiences. Deep within the layers of flesh and bone, stem and leaf and other molecular structures is simply Life. There is no differentiation from one life to another. By giving to a life we are merely giving to another part of our self but in a different form. After all aren’t we receiving from others? We continue to receive from the sun, both directly through heat and light and indirectly through the beneficial effects on the environment and sources of food. Nature gives endlessly in so many ways. When you begin to see how much you actually receive from all around you it makes you realise how much there is to be grateful for. The more gratitude you show, the more messages you send of having. As a result you attract more to be grateful for.


We are all unique pieces in this world. If we have been given talents, wisdom or resources it is up to us to share these with others. Give with your heart and with genuine intent, feel the goodness within of creating happiness in others. Receiving will continue by itself.