Overcome stress and anxiety

Overcome stress and anxiety


More and more people are becoming aware of 'Being in the Moment.' But, what does it actually mean to be in the here and now? Many of us are thinking okay so I am here in this place and with a look at the clock, this is the time - I am here and I am now.

For how long can we maintain that sense of being in the moment? We still need to get on with work and other activities. Simply sitting there and meditating by itself is not going to pay the bills or bring you closer to that dream house or car.

What is required is the awareness that only today physically exists. The body can only exist today - more specifically here and now. It is only the mind which wanders to a moment yesterday or years ago. The mind in its complexity can be partially trying to focus on the task given to it today, but there will be many parts of it lost in past experiences. Some parts will even be stuck in what is about to happen tomorrow, that exam next week, where will I be in 5 years time? 

The more parts you have stuck in the past or future, the less awareness you have available to you today. Why is it important to have awareness today? Because you can only do any action today. As much as you may enjoy reminiscing about the good old days, you cannot act in those days. That time is over. The only time for action is today. Therefore, to do anything effectively you require focus. For focus you need your full attention, maximum awareness in the moment.

This is the root cause of most stress and anxiety. The guilt, shame, anger from all that has happened and cannot be changed. The anxiety, worry about tomorrow that has not yet happened. As much as you want to worry, it doesn't change anything. In fact, worry is a method to manifest the least desired outcome. 

Instead of thinking and thinking of the what ifs, and the should haves and could haves, save your energy and just do what you can do today. See each day as a new day, a fresh start for doing what you physically can to get closer to where you want to be.

Various healing methods such as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Chakra Healing and many more can help you recover your lost parts hidden deep in the subconscious mind. Enquire now to see how you can discover and recover your lost parts and make yourself whole again...