The key to hitting your target is focus with mind and body in sync.

The key to hitting your target is focus with mind and body in sync.

Focusing and acting towards your goal is the best way to forget the past.

Look forward

Effective action only happens through your physical body.

It is your vehicle.

For top performance you need to maintain your vehicle.

That means regular exercise at least at a moderate level.

Even yoga is a great way to keep your body in shape.

Any physical activity which aligns your mind with your body.

Hand eye coordination requires perfect focus. Focus requires total attention, which can only happen if the mind is completely aligned with the body.

The body also needs time to rest. A good night's sleep is equally as important as the focused action of daylight hours.


Giving yourself enough rest and training your body regularly, you look and feel better, eating better, you are breathing better.

You are already living better, encouraging the mind to focus on higher realities.

When you change your old, basic car to a brand new high performance sports car, you just feel better.

Suddenly you can drive with an air of confidence to really push the limits of speed and agility.

Likewise with our physical bodies, the state of our minds is equally influenced by the state of our body. When you know your body is in peak condition, you naturally feel more confident and motivated to act towards higher goals.

Therefore it only makes sense to start the day with a physical routine.

A good workout is a signal to the mind that this body is planning to do things today.

Like in a game of sport, you need to warm up, train for the big match.

Then with the mind kick-started, you are in a much better space to think.

While the body is recovering, the mind is thinking ahead.

Sleep well and train consistently for efficient action.

A healthy body leads to a an empowered mind. An empowered mind, directs the body to complete the actions to take you where you want to be.