The more you act and behave how you want to be.

The more you think and feel how you want to be.

Open your self completely, allowing only the thoughts and feelings that resonate with how you want to be.

Anything else is just distraction.

Any experience you have is determined by the emotional response.

If your response and emotion does not match the ideal state of being, then let it go.
Don't waste time or emotional connect to it.

The ideal state of being is when you can be relaxed, comfortable, breathing slow and deep.

See your thoughts, coming and going.

Without judgement.


As you continue to observe without judgement, the thoughts slow down.

It doesn't matter what the thoughts are.

And then.
No thoughts.
Just observing.

This is your centre.

The being that observes every experience, regardless of whether it was good or bad.

An experience is what it is. It is only emotional attachment that labels it anything else.

Focusing inward to your self while keeping yourself free from any emotional hooks.

Ground zero.

From here you can set the blueprint.

The vision.

The feeling of the experience.

Belief in yourself.

Honesty to your self.

Strength and capability.


See the path to the vision.

Align yourself to the vision.

Feel the connection. From now to then.

Feel it now.

Every decision, every response has an impact on the route to the vision.

The choice is always yours.