Security, survival.

Regardless of culture or origin, every being, at the basic level is surviving.

How can we live a life where we can feel secure, with basic needs taken care of?

The difference only lies in the way it is executed.

To move beyond basic survival we look at how we can enjoy more out of life. How we can include more joy and happiness in life.

Progressing from simply fulfilling hunger to savouring new flavours. Feeling good with fancy threads as opposed to just covering the body. Focusing on aesthetics and style above basic needs.

Every being with its own vision which it truly believes in. Creating and expressing its own interpretation of form and function.

Every being is unique. We all have different perceptions on what looks good, what the ideal experience is. For one person, art is how oil paints are brushed on canvas, for another it is the sculpting of clay and yet another it is a composition of music.


In nature, each plant, tree, flower is unique. At the basic level, they are all nourished from the earth and the sun. All are growing upwards. Yet they all express their form differently. This is what gives nature its richness.

It is your choice how you create and express. How you add colour and music to your life is up to you.

What is your vision?

What do you believe in?

What do you love to do?

What motivates you to create the life you want to live?

When you follow your own vision with what you truly believe in, you can confidently create your own unique reality.

If you copy someone else's creation, it cannot be sustained. It is their vision, their belief, their motivation. This may not match with your motivation.

It is important to have your own vision. We all have our unique set of skills and talents.

How will you use your gifts to create your signature reality?