Moving through life is like driving a vehicle.

Getting from A to Z.

Eyes ahead.

Focus on the road just ahead.

Looking further to plan which obstacles to overtake.

Rear view mirrors show you what you have passed.

Take care not to look in the mirrors for too long.


If you are moving fast enough, you can only glance in the mirror.

To make progress, focus is required on the road ahead.

Any emotions that belong to any moment prior to now can be eliminated. Breathe them out, let them go like exhaust fumes behind you. They only distract you from looking ahead. 

Dwelling on past emotions is like staring at the rear view mirror for too long. You will end up off track or crashing.

It is good to plan ahead, map the route. But focus must always be on the road immediately ahead.

Getting stuck in thoughts of what will happen when you reach there is like staring at your navigation system. Distraction.

Other road users may cause a disturbance to your peace. An event which may have lasted a few seconds. Things on your mind, things on their mind. It doesn't matter what they think or feel, whether they understand right or wrong.

What matters is that you are fine. It is your peace which needs to return.

That momentary disturbance is gone. Accept it. It happened. 

Breathe out any thoughts and emotions which do not match your peaceful state.

Focus again. On the road ahead.