Do you ever feel that you are experiencing thoughts or emotions that are not really relevant in the moment?

Or do you find yourself overreacting? Feel the charge of emotions higher than what would be rationally necessary?

It is not easy to determine what is rational or not however by continuous observation of your own thoughts and emotions you can determine your baseline. 

Just imagine as you start off in life, learning about the human experience as you observe everyone around you. There are no limitations to your potential, the world is your oyster, the sky is the limit. Feeling loved, accepted and in control. Virtually nothing is impossible to achieve.

Heal your inner child

Heal your inner child

Then life begins to happen. Experiences with other people and circumstances proceed to create beliefs in the mind. Ideally, we would shake off the event, consider it to be just ‘one of those things that happen’ and move on. However, moments which have caused some kind of emotional disturbance - depending on how they have been perceived - can leave a lasting impression on the mind. These impressions only get stronger with repeated instances of the initial event. Take for example, a 7 year old child who momentarily is distracted in class and asked to stand up by the teacher. The child is then shouted at and humiliated. This is perceived as a traumatising scene. All he remembers is being humiliated while everyone is looking at him. While the boy continues on, a part of his awareness is stuck in that scene. It is as if there is a hologram of him still ‘living’ there. What would a 7 year old conclude from such a scene? “It is humiliating when people are looking at me.” “It is safer to not attract attention.” As the child proceeds moving on in life, a part of him continues to believe that he is still in that scene. This fragmented part lives on even as the child grows into adulthood.

There can be many instances of such ‘inner children’ however the strongest ones will be where the experiences have been repeated. So from the example above, the boy faces another scene where he is embarrassed in front of a group of people. Now the belief from the first instance becomes stronger. A third and further instances of the same will mean the belief is as good as carved in stone.

In the same way many beliefs get formed in a person’s life. They are buried so deep in the subconscious that the person does not even consciously realise. These are the programs which are running our minds, leading to behavioural patterns and addictions that don’t seem to make sense.

Your thoughts and emotions emit frequencies attracting similar energy.

Your thoughts and emotions emit frequencies attracting similar energy.

Now the boy from our example grows up, finishes education and goes to work. There may be some qualities which resulted from the childhood experiences such as avoiding crowds or not speaking up in large groups. The real problem is that until the time the boy has a part of him that hasn’t healed the childhood hurts and still believes he is in that moment, he will continue to attract more situations where he is made to feel the same way.

Thoughts and emotions, though not visible to our eyes do have energy. Energies of various frequencies will magnetise other energies within the same frequency range. Your thoughts and emotions are vibrating on different frequencies and are travelling out of your body. Whatever you think and feel about yourself will influence how others think and feel about you. You may observe that confident people with high self esteem will rarely get harassed or mistreated. Perpetrators, like any predator in the wild will prefer to pick out the weak. People can ‘sense’ who are the weak targets. A bully at school will naturally ‘sniff’ out the weak ones who are already feeling bad about themselves and feeling low. It will be much easier than fighting an uphill battle with someone who believes themselves to be strong.

Back to the boy at work, there may be presentations to give to senior management or clients or even fellow team members. As soon as he is in front of a group, the natural nervousness or anxiety which comes for almost anyone speaking in front of a large group magnetises the past experiences. Now, the anxiety is multiplied and becomes unmanageable. Not only will similar situations trigger the past events and with it the emotions, but the mind will attract the kind of situations and crowds to justify that belief. The boy’s belief will attract the kind of people, behaviour or attitudes to re-create the same feelings as the past moments.

There can be many other similar issues. A child who was constantly told she would never succeed in life will struggle in adulthood because a part of her strongly believes what she was told. Her own thoughts do not allow her to achieve what she consciously wants. Someone who suffers heartbreaks may form beliefs about love and decide not to be available anymore. This may even lead to not accepting one’s own self for their own qualities. When you do not love or appreciate yourself, this is the energy you transmit to the world. How do you expect you will be treated by others? They will pick up on your thoughts and treat you accordingly.

How much of your awareness is aligned with your body in the moment?

How much of your awareness is aligned with your body in the moment?

The mind will create scenarios to prove its beliefs. Many people question the relevance of ‘the law of attraction’ however, most of us don’t realise we are using it almost daily. What we need to do is to use it to our advantage instead of being ruled by it. By identifying where our issues are, we can investigate through various methods such as regression, chakra scans, etc… and heal the unresolved parts of our being. By replacing unwanted thoughts and beliefs with a mindset programmed for what you want. The goal is to have every part of our being aligned towards your vision.

In the example above, a couple of sessions will help him realise where his fear of public speaking is coming from. He can see how this has affected him in later life. The inner child is supported and given awareness of the situation from the current perspective and eventually healed and integrated in to the moment. This is very important. Each inner child that is stuck in the past represents a part of your consciousness or awareness that was not available to you in the present moment. We think we aim for 100% focus but most of us don’t have the full capacity to work with in the first place. An average person could be operating on around 70% with the rest of the 30% scattered across time both in the past and future. Each time you heal, you are recovering stuck parts of yourself thereby empowering yourself with more focus for today.

Have a look at your own life… do you notice repeating patterns which seem to be out of your control? Do all of your thoughts and beliefs still apply today? How much focus and concentration do you have for tasks?

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