Accept and come back to now

Let go of what's already happened. It is all behind you.

Accepting is being neutral to what you have experienced.

Let go of all emotional attachments from what you have done and what's been done with you.
Whatever has happened, You are here now.

What can you do right now to be where you want to be?
Do you even know where you want to be right now? Today? Tomorrow?

Focus on time management

Focus on time management

Time is limited every day.
But every day is a new day with the same amount of time.
What do YOU do with it?

And how much of YOU are you prepared to be focused in today?

Giving your 100%?

You can't give perfect attention when there are still emotional attachments from your past.

Imagine YOU consists of 100 parts.
Traveling together through time.

Your physical body changes.
Environment changes.
All matter can change but you remain YOU.

Now imagine if you start off with 100% of you totally focused in the moment.

Then later in time one percent of you stays behind.

After some time another one percent gets stuck.

And so on until you can be fluctuating between 30 to 70 percent at any given time.

Each of those parts are the memories with negative emotions attached.

That's right. Memories.

Memories are nice when they make us feel happy. Or empowered. Free.

The problem is when there are hooks attached emotionally to those memories. Those memories keep a part of you stuck in the past. A part that is not available to you today where you need it.

Each of those memories represents one percent of you.

The only way you can give 100% to a moment is to release the emotions from past memories.

They're only memories anyway.

Is it worth having a part of you stuck in a memory at the cost of focus for today?

Bring all your parts back to truly give 100% focus for today.

Turn your head around and look ahead. 

Visualise where you want to be tomorrow and the day after, and take the required steps with complete focus.

Come back to the moment and focus on today

Come back to the moment and focus on today