The underlying cause of a multitude of problems in life.

The first incident in life that set off the chain reaction of similar events for years to come. Further experiences repeating the emotions and thoughts from the first incident.

When do we feel there is an issue? It is often when we have experienced the same behaviour from others or acted in the same way ourselves on a recurring basis over a given time. For example in the case of anger, no one is going to seek help after the first incident of rage.  We often don’t realise ourselves that we have a problem. It is usually when a family member or colleague from work mentions to us that we even become aware. It is after observing the behaviour repeating over time that it becomes cause for concern.

By this stage, the central issue of anger has manifested in multiple aspects of life. Problems at work, struggling relationships, road rage, stress, and a range of health issues such as heartburn, ulcers, indigestion, high blood pressure, etc… Each symptom itself being a possible trigger for even further problems.


If you are to treat the individual problems, you are only dealing with one branch or even a sub-branch of a large tree. The tree continues to survive and the branches continue to grow. You can take medication for indigestion, or high blood pressure, but you have not reached anywhere near the underlying cause. Even looking at the relationship may help to uncover anger as the issue. This follows with anger management courses. But this requires a lot of time and effort, and ultimately has still not reached the core, underlying cause!

With in-depth Chakra analysis, a typical one hour session can reveal the underlying causes layer by layer until the root is reached. For example, a client approaches the therapist with a relationship issue. While scanning, the first layer may be something like ‘a need to communicate more with more diplomacy’, then the next layer could be ‘the need to listen more effectively’, followed by ‘awareness that conflicts are not always required – results can be achieved without the need to struggle’, and so on until the last point comes to ‘re-evaluating sensitivity to others’ perception of you.’


Very often, the last layer will reveal an awareness that takes the client back to an earlier stage in life – usually childhood. The first inner child is remembered at a deep subconscious level. The part of the client that was stuck in the moment of trauma understands that the incident is over and it is safe to come back to the present.

Once this inner child is healed, the entire tree of problematic behaviour patterns collapses. The root of the anger related issues at work, relationships, etc. is cut.

The last stage is to reinforce the awareness with empowering affirmations – positive statements that rewire the mind for positive thinking and behaviour.

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