Focus, Visualise on your goals

Focus, Visualise on your goals


Reflect on your day.
What did you achieve?
How much did you do from what you planned to do.
What you visualised yesterday.

Now focus again.

Where do you want to be tomorrow?
The day after and so on.

What steps can you take today and tomorrow to reach your desired destination?

Limited time.
How will you use it?
The less time you spend thinking of past memories the more time you have to take steps towards your goal.

Spend time visualising your desired state.
You will always be you.
Only the physical body and the environment change.
All matter is in a continuous state of change.
But you are always YOU.
Thoughts, emotions, experiences, all come and go.
It is up to you to create the thoughts with your desired emotions and feelings.

See yourself pictured in the scene and feel the emotions and physical sensations as if you're already there.Feel the feeling throughout your body.
Now bring that into focus.
From today's perspective.
What steps can you take today?
Maybe 100 small steps.
It could take days, months, years.
It is up to you how fast you get there.
How many steps can you complete today?