Observe your thoughts.

Always be aware.

Be still.


Deep breaths.

Watch your thoughts, coming and going.

Be neutral to the thoughts, regardless of positive or negative emotions.

Don't judge your thoughts, just watch them.

Realise that you are not your thoughts.

You are not your body in physical or thought form.

You are simply the Being within observing through your body.

Expressing and acting through your body from thought to physical manifestation.

Energy is required to transform thought to action.

That is emotion, the Feeling. Emotion of your intended state gives energy to your thoughts and results in action to manifest reality.

Observe the peaceful state of being when you can sit there in stillness to all that you can think about.

Accepting all that is without judgement.

Feel your breathing.

In a relaxed state of awareness and acceptance, your breathing is deep and through the abdomen.

Deep breathing.

This is your centre.

This is all of you with full focus right here, right now.

From here it's all you.

Now YOU get to decide where you want to be and how you want to be. Whatever happened before, now you are in charge of how you move forward.

Visualise your desired state.

Think of the scene.

Feel the experience.

See it.

Hear it.

Feel it in your body through your senses.

Breathe the way you would in that moment.

List out the steps required to make that a physical reality.

Step by step plan to reach from where and how you are now to where and how you want to be.

Then it's just the willingness to complete the steps.

Focused attention on physically completing as many steps required to get closer to your goal.


Thoughts > Emotions > Action

Focused breathing, feeling emotions and taking action.

That is you in your optimum state of being.

Completely and totally focused and present.

There is always a path from vision to reality.

It is up to You to decide how much you do in the given time. At the same time being realistic.

Accepting whatever has already happened without judgement.

Keep your focus on your vision.

Continued action and feeling in sync with the vision.

Speak, feel, breathe and act towards your vision.

Each new day is another chance to get closer to your vision.