As human beings we are designed to be one with nature. Most ancient people lived their lives connected to the earth. Our food is from the earth, so we are also a part of this planet. With modern developments we have become more and more detached. We confine ourselves in houses made of artificial materials, we wear shoes which disconnect us from the earth's magnetic energy and instead we are exposing ourselves to pollution. Major cities are now concrete jungles clouded in industrial smog and radiation from the ever increasing electrical infrastructure.


As a result, breathing problems are on the rise, stress affects virtually everyone and many of us cannot even get a good night's sleep. Food that we need to replenish our energy is more and more processed and consisting of artificial ingredients giving no nutritional value.

Studies have shown how connecting to the earth - bare skin touching organic ground - can reverse the ill effects of urban living. Stress symptoms are reduced, sleep quality is restored and pains are healed. The most significant effects have been seen in cases of inflammation. Recovery from injuries is dramatically speeded up when the body is grounded.

The theory behind this all is that the earth is a source of free electrons. These electrons have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Natural healing has been available to us right under our feet! And what have we been doing for the last hundred years? Covering it up with artificial material and disconnecting ourselves while spending millions, perhaps billions on research for 'cures!' 

The wisdom has been there in ancient cultures but now it is being increasingly accepted by modern scientists. But you don't need to take anybody's word for it. Experience it yourself. See how you feel by walking barefoot on natural ground or lying down on the grass. Take a trip out of the city for even a few hours, or spend a night in a tent under the stars. Then see for yourself how much better you feel in mind and body.