No thing.
You are nothing
Yet you are all that is.
Everything made of matter, is ever changing.
It has been observed under quantum physics that all matter is constantly appearing and disappearing.
Nothing is permanent.
All matter is simply energy vibrating at different frequencies.
Even thoughts are matter.
You are the observer underneath the thoughts, feelings and physical body.
You are the nothingness.
The life force.
Experiencing life through your specific form.
We are all the same nothingness underneath the matter.
We are truly one.
You are in this form to play a role in the universal story.Do your part to create the universe you deserve.
Attract what you desire and intend.
From the awareness of nothingness you can release any attached emotions or thoughts.
Breathing deep and exhaling out the feelings of yesterday or from moments ago.
Realise the peace and power at your centre.
Visualise your desired experience.
Focus on it.
Act towards it with all your presence.