Human capital - employees. Usually the costliest resource for an employer. And the most valuable. Unlike machines, whose efficiency can be maintained technically, humans operate with more variables and uncertainty. With humans, parts cannot be replaced. There are no clear cut troubleshooting methods for breakdowns. With humans, there are too many potential disorders, physical and mental for which there is no quick fix or even clear diagnosis. Modern science still does not have cures for chronic diseases such as migraine, spinal, depression and many others which cost industry millions each year in lost work hours and days.

We look at individuals from a broader perspective. Where not just the body symptoms are considered. We analyse what is happening at the mind level. Empirical evidence from decades of case studies has shown that most issues cannot be fully resolved until rectified in the mind. The mind is where the root of the problems often lie. This is why so many chronic illnesses continue.

Employees can be the company's best ambassadors. Each happy employee is a potential ambassador to their own network of friends, family and associates. The multitude of online social networking, forums, blogs multiplies this factor by at least tenfold. Comments are spread wider and faster. In addition, websites such as designed specifically for employees to give feedback on their employers make this even more crucial. Feedback on a company's work culture can indirectly affect its image and ultimately sales and goodwill. 

Happier, confident, empowered employees = More productive employees



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